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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water

Temple of Water


Temple of Water is a space where people connect with Water, with themselves and with other Water-loving people.


  • Pleasure, healing and expansion of consciousness through and in the Water
  • Honoring Water as a precious, holy and magic being
  • Raising awareness about political and environmental issues around Water and facilitate action


Lao Marin talks to people from Germany and all over the world. All of them have their own personal or professional relationship with the Water and bring the most exciting stories. Languages: English and German. Soon online. You want to know when it starts and always be up-to-date? Subscribe to our newsletter!

WaterKnowledge on different topics like health, politics, environment, fun, art, etc. - Videos, articles and more

WaterArt, Photography, Movies, Poetry, Dance and more

WaterActivism. There is a lot to do around the issue of Water - all over the world. Cleaning beaches, building compost toilets, avoiding plastic bottles or collecting donations for good construction. Get involved!

This fund raises money that goes to the following projects:
* political, social, environmental and artistic projects related to Water.
* discount for somaquatic sessions and courses for people with low financial means
* construction of a water center with a hot water pool and seminar rooms: for somaquatic sessions and courses. For ceremonies, rituals, meditations, dance and other community gatherings in the Water. For educational and activist work on socio- and eco-political issues related to water. And for much more. Join in!

Temple of Water consists of different projects and is being created and realized step by step by the people who are involved. Do you want to join or do you have good ideas you want to contribute? Then get in touch! The website of Temple of Water is still under construction, soon you will find more information here.