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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water


"I had the chance to enjoy a somaquatic session with Lao and have been really excited about this work ever since! It was a wonderful experience for me - especially the underwater work, which I was a bit scared of, at first. I felt very well taken care of by Lao."
A detailed experience report by Tina Stavemann can be found in the
can be found in the online magazine Aquamondo (in German language).

"Lao's treatments have brought me a little closer to myself each time. Through their gentle guidance, my body was able to release blockages and suppressed emotions, creating space for new energies to flow. In conversation, Lao shared many ideas and methods for my recovery, while mirroring, that basically, I was doing the healing myself. It was great, thank you."
Anne Königin (33), Templin

"The somaquatic session was a special gift to a special son and it was a special experience with an especially beautiful relaxation. We thank again and wish - hopefully in the next months - for a repetition, because this special beautiful feeling is "addictive". We will be very happy to recommend Lao and their SOMAQUATICS sessions to others."
Rubén und Simone Schötz, 15&42J, Berlin

"My first Water session was very focused and with each subsequent Water journey I became softer, wider, deeper ... and more transformed. Receiving sessions again and again was possible for me mainly thanks to Lao’s unique sense of comfortable closeness and professional distance. During the Aguahara training facilitated by Lao I was able to go into a deep process with myself and with my fellow students in a safe setting. At the same time, I was learning the skills to offer this profound bodywork to others, so all in all, it was a very successful training! Thank you for your beautiful work."
Stephanie (37), Berlin

"The somaquatic session with Lao was truly a magical experience. Having a bodywork session while being weightless in warm water is really a unique experience, and it takes relaxation to another level. Lao's touch and their grounding, caring presence are very therapeutic, both emotionally and physically. I was able to feel safe and vulnerable at the same time and allow my body and mind to unwind in deeper ways than during a usual massage. Highly recommend a session."
Alex Korsunskaya (45), San Francisco

"Lao has always accompanied me with a lot of love, warmth and cordiality through difficult times. Lao's own high sensitivity, great empathy and compassion have often given me a warm-hearted support in moments of crisis. Lao's counseling has strengthened me to approach myself more lovingly and with self-compassion. I now make more self-caring and self-empowering choices for myself and my life and take new and more loving paths."
Calvin Rala (35), Berlin

"I had a double somaquatic session with Lao and a colleague. I was very nervous, as I have never experienced Aguahara, nor any other aquatic treatment before, however, I was very attracted to this idea. It was a brilliant journey, where I was able to gradually develop more confidence. I could perceive the different light effects and I was swept into a frenzy by the movements - sometimes my head above water to take an inhale, and then diving down again. It was a great interplay, where I really felt like it was three of us creating the journey together. Last, but not least, it really opened up a new world of experience for me, which had a noticeable impact on my dance practice over the next few days. Thank you both very much."
Clara Conza (24), Berlin

"I have been fortunate to receive somatic sessions from Lao in Water and on the land on several occasions. Lao's ability to fully engage with me during a session, while remaining playful and creative, never fails to inspire me. Sometimes the sessions were subtle and delicate, sometimes dynamic and dance-like. They always met my needs at that moment. Again and again, I am deeply touched during and after. One time, feelings of deep sadness, joy and excitement arose in me. During another somaquatic session, after weeks of being rushed, I suddenly came back to myself and my body. Another time, in regards to an important decision, a realization came to me, where I suddenly knew exactly what was right for me. With Lao, I feel, I am in good hands."
Johanna Fuchs (31), Kassel

"I was a participant in the Aguahara training co-facilitated by Lao, which took place in Ibiza. It was a very nice experience to see how Lao guided and led the group throughout these weeks. I am very grateful not only for the wonderful one-on-one sessions that brought with them feelings of complete trust, but also the teaching in the water that was always filled with playful surprises and ideas. Moreover, Lao oversaw the group process with lots of sensitivity, awareness and was always responsive to the participants, each of us with such different, changeable moods and needs. This requires the highest concentration, inner peace and serenity. It was self-evident how much Lao knows and the depth to which she explores these processes to be able to create this highly professional content. I felt at ease in every moment and at the same time comfortable to express and live out my moods and opinions. This was, and is, very liberating. Thanks a lot for that!"
David Neumann-Cosel (59), Berlin