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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water


Experience the Water. Experience yourself.


SOMA - [ancient Greek σῶμα] the body, as perceived from within.
SOMATICS - [English] a field that explores the body through inner experiences

AQUA - [Latin] Water
AQUATIC - [English] concerning Water; taking place in the Water

SOMAQUATICS a field that explores the experience of the body in relationship with Water. Here, “the body”, as perceived from within, is understood multidimensionally: encompassing the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual experience of itself

Somaquatics Aguahara


WATER is not only an element. Water is a living consciousness in its own right and contains the consciousness of all life, including ours. Water beholds great transformative powers by its nature and serves as a conduit, facilitating a deeper connection to one’s own inner experience of self and it interconnects all living beings. SOMA or THE BODY is understood multidimensionally: including the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual experience of itself, being impacted transgenerationally and shaped by the social, cultural and political structures one has been conditioned to live in.

Somaquatics Person Sea

Water awakens a cellular memory of the universal life force energy within, reconnecting us to our health, vitality and the innate joy of life, especially, when over the course of life we may have come to forget.
These healing and strengthening moments of reconnection with the source of our vital energy can be experienced through somaquatic sessions, courses, workshops and retreats .

SOMAQUATICS is a space for experiencing and discovering one’s own body in relation to Water. Water is part of our body, thus the liquids of our body are part of Water, as a whole. SOMAQUATICS facilitates connection to the here-and-now, and simultaneously, as well to the other dimensions. The experience that arises in the very moment of connecting with Water is completely individual for every person. It can range from encountering one's own essence, an important memory, the answer to a personal question, or perhaps meeting the living conscious essence of Water itself.

Is SOMAQUATICS right for me? YES! If you...

... need a moment of silence, relaxation and letting go
... wish for more well-being and better health
... feel the impulse to connect more with Water
... want to dissolve and heal trauma and fear related to Water
... want to discover and experience the wonderful properties of Water
... want to meet other people who are passionate about Water
... are interested in becoming a SOMAQUATICS practitioner yourself
... are open to welcome powerful change in your life
... are curious and want to learn something new


  • works in Berlin as well as in other beautiful places of the world
  • certified healing practitioner trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, as well as other naturopathic methods
  • certified somatic practitioner, trained in shiatsu, massages, reflexology, aguahara, dance among others
  • own practice since 2012 - individual consultation and facilitating groups
  • since 2014 working and teaching in Water - individual sessions, workshops and trainings
  • 2020 founding of SOMAQUATICS and TEMPLE OF WATER


I have dedicated my work to Water and nature, joy and awareness, healing and empowerment. WATER has long been a wise teacher and empowering companion to me. I have witnessed people experience the most incredible, wonderful moments in Water and am deeply impressed each time by the mysterious, healing places Water can take us. READ MORE

"I had the chance to enjoy a somaquatic session with Lao and have been really excited about this work ever since! It was a wonderful experience for me - especially the underwater work, which I was a bit scared of, at first. I felt very well taken care of by Lao."
A detailed experience report by Tina Stavemann can be found in the online magazine Aquamondo (in German language).

More testimonials - here.

The somaquatic session was a special gift to a special son and it was a special experience with an especially beautiful relaxation. We thank again and wish - hopefully in the next months - for a repetition, because this special beautiful feeling is "addictive". We will be very happy to recommend Lao and their SOMAQUATICS sessions to others.
Rubén and Simone Schötz (15&42), Berlin

More testimonials - here.

The somaquatic session with Lao was truly a magical experience. Having a bodywork session while being weightless in warm water is really a unique experience, and it takes relaxation to another level. Lao's touch and their grounding, caring presence are very therapeutic, both emotionally and physically. I was able to feel safe and vulnerable at the same time and allow my body and mind to unwind in deeper ways than during a usual massage. Highly recommend a session."
Alex Korsunskaya (45), San Francisco

More testimonials - here.


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