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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water

Lao Marin

  • works in Berlin as well as in other beautiful places of the world
  • certified healing practitioner trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, as well as other naturopathic methods*
  • certified somatic practitioner, trained in shiatsu, massages, reflexology, aguahara, dance among others*
  • own practice since 2012 - individual consultation and facilitating groups
  • since 2014 working and teaching in Water - individual sessions, workshops and trainings
  • 2020 founding of SOMAQUATICS and TEMPLE OF WATER 

I have dedicated my work to Water and nature, joy and awareness, healing and empowerment.

WATER has long been a wise teacher and empowering companion to me. I have witnessed people experience the most incredible, wonderful moments in Water and am deeply impressed each time by the mysterious, healing places Water can take us.

NATURE is not only our home, we are nature. I believe that most of human’s suffering has its origin in the artificial separation of civilization from nature and the destruction of our planet. Part of my work is to connect people more with nature.

JOY is the base for our existence. I guide my clients to go through life with an open heart and to build their success on joy. Healthy enjoyment is true medicine. Learning and growing, changing and healing can also be enjoyable.

AWARENESS makes us fully present in our bodies and our environment. It is the base for consciousness, fulfilled living and healthy relationships. I teach practices which help us bring our full attention to the here and now and perceive what is without judging.

HEALING for me means to bring a system into harmony and to reconnect it with its own essence and the universal energy. The actual healing is a process that comes from this system alone and can be supported from the outside.

EMPOWERMENT for me involves transformation and healing of discrimination, oppression and other traumas both on a personal and societal level. When I accompany people in their processes, I hold the space with awareness and respect so that both vulnerability and strength can show up.

* naturopathic and somatic trainings: massage, reflexology, tui na, energetic healing, shiatsu, aguahara, chinese medicine, homeopathy, detoxification methods, holotropic breathing, Silva Mind Method, Generative Somatics, queer tango, contact improvisation, body-mind-centering, water dance, embryology in water, yoga, qi gong, vipassana meditation, wendo etc.