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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water

Somaquatic Trainings, Workshops and Retreats

There are courses that are available online and some that take place directly in the Water.
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Trainings, Workshops & Retreats in the Water

Water is extremely healing and transformative. If you want to initiate a new way of being and let go of the old, or you are in need to give your mind and body the well-deserved rest, you are invited to treat yourself to a few days in Water. Every workshop and every course is also a retreat. Water is uniquely powerful in ways that, if we spend a lot of time in Water, we become more clarified and harmonized within.

All somaquatic courses, workshops and retreats in-person, can be found here.


Aguahara is a somaquatic modality. The Aguahara training consists of 3 levels.

The course includes exercises alone, in pairs and in groups, both practical and theoretical lessons, introduction to water dancing, supervised practice, sharing in the group and the final certificate. Most of the training takes place in the water.

This training can be very moving and intense. It is simultaneously a journey to oneself, as a water being. Therefore, we make a point to co-create a group atmosphere that feels as safe, respectful and warm-hearted, as possible.

Level 1

You learn to give a complete Aguahara session on the surface of the water.

Level 2 

You learn to integrate underwater movements into the session.

Level 3 

This is the real art: sensitivity and intuition, dance flow and energetic alignment in the session.