Aguahara – Surface & Underwater (Online-Course)


-> For certified Aguahara practitioners/students level 2 or 3
Course Material of Aguahara Level 1, 2 & 3:
68 Overwater moves, including work with the cushion
95 Underwater moves
14 Video classes with shots in the water from above & underwater
10 Audios with theory lessons
8 PDFs with theory, movements and other content



Refresh your Aguahara knowledge/skills and have a trusted guide to refer back to.
After activation you have access to all the content at any time, and as often, as you want.
You can also book Aguahara Surface (Level 1) and Aguahara Underwater (Level 2 & 3) separately.
Prerequisite for booking this course is the successful participation in an Aguahara Level 2 or 3 course. It does not replace the training in the water, but is intended as additional learning material.
Course language: English
Overwater moves
Underwater moves
Videos with shots in the water from above & underwater
Audios with theory lessons
PDFs with theory, moves and other content