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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water

SOMAQUATICS SURFACE – Workshops & Training in Berlin 20&21/8

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SOMAQUATICS SURFACE – Workshops & Training in Berlin 20&21/8

SOMAQUATICS SURFACE – Workshops & Training in Berlin 20&21/8

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170€ per module, all 4 modules: 550€

This series of classes is designed for people who simply want to attend a weekend workshop and learn the basics of floating, as well as for those who want to dive deeper into the world of aquatic bodywork, for themselves or even professionally. Each module (weekend) can be booked and attended separately. Those who successfully participate in all 4 modules of the SOMAQUATICS SURFACE training can receive a certificate afterwards and continue with the next level SOMAQUATICS UNDERWATER. Language of instruction: German/English.

WHEN: 9&10.7. * 30&31.7. * 20&21.8. * 10&11.9.

WHERE: Spas in Berlin and Brandenburg (entrance fee not included in course fee)

PRICE: 170€ per module, all 4 modules: 550€

TEACHER: Lao Marin


INFO & REGISTRATION: lao(.)marin@somaquatics(.)com

CONTENTS: IN THE WATER: own posture, stable standing * safe holding and floating * floating with and without floating material * different support positions * floating in stillness * floating with movement * floating with locomotion * water rebozo * observing, holding space, following * mindful beginning and ending * self-awareness, work in trio * intuition, improvisation, creation. ON LAND: * own posture, stable standing * inner alignment * mindful interaction with clients * basic knowledge of somaquatic work * basic knowledge of somaquatic physiology * indications, contraindications * dos and don'ts * technique.

FACILITATOR: Lao Marin is trained in naturopathy, body therapy, dance and somatic waterwork. With Somaquatics, Lao combines all this knowledge and has been dedicated to working with people and water for years. Lao lives and works in Berlin/Brandenburg, but has also taught classes in natural waters and pools in Portugal, Spain, Thailand and Brazil.

SOMAQUATICS: Somaquatics is a space for experiencing and discovering one’s own body in relation to Water. Water is part of our body, thus the liquids of our body are part of Water, as a whole. Somaquatics facilitates connection to the here-and-now, and simultaneously, as well to the other dimensions. The experience that arises in the very moment of connecting with Water is completely individual for every person. It can range from encountering one's own essence, an important memory, the answer to a personal question, or perhaps meeting the living conscious essence of Water itself.
A somaquatic session begins with the client being held while floating on the surface of the water. From there different movements, shapes and positions can emerge. This can feel gentle, playful, expansive, still or energetic. Depending on the wishes of the client, they get moved only on the surface or also under the water. Loosening of the musculoskeletal system can bring pain relief and relaxation, deep contemplation and enjoyment. Everything comes into flow in the Water: Life energy and emotions, inner images and memories, and often a deep sense of connection. Each somaquatic session is a unique journey.

SAVE THE DATE: Somaquatics Underwater: 30.9-3.10. * 29.10.-1.11.
Price SU: 300€ pro module, 550€ for both modules. Somaquatics Surface & Somaquatics Underwater: 1000€

Event registration closed.

Date And Time

Aug 20, 2022 @ 10:00 (CET) to
Aug 21, 2022 @ 17:00 (CET)

Registration End Date

Aug 18, 2022



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