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The Magic Encounter of Body and Water

Aguahara – Surface & Underwater

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Über den Kurs

Have you missed taking detailed notes during your Aguahara course? Or have you missed some classes? Maybe you just want to refresh your memory and even practice, but it is too complicated or too expensive to travel and repeat the training in-person.
So here is the solution. You can refresh and learn many movements, even more than you’ve learned in your training, filmed with an underwater camera and from above. And you will not only see the movements, but listen to comments and explanations. You can watch them over and over again, until you fully embody them. A list with all the movements of this online course helps you memorize the names and movement families – in English and Spanish.
Would you like to recall the theory lessons? You can find them as audios and PDFs.
Even though it seems to be long ago that you practiced Aguahara – it is never too late to come back. Your body will remember, for sure.
And even if you frequently give Aguahara sessions – maybe you are bored to always repeat the same movements, so it is time to remember the other ones or learn new ones.
Have fun!

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Was werde ich lernen?

  • 25 Surface movements and techniques with head float
  • 43 Surface movements and techniques with head support
  • 95 Underwater movements and techniques with immersions
  • Basic theoretical aspects of Aguahara
  • How to give a session
  • Physical aspects
  • Contraindications
  • Respiration
  • Mental aspects
  • Energetic aspects
  • Advanced sessions
  • The dance
  • Ethical guidelines
  • Practical working sheets
  • Case studies


Very welcome to this Online Course!
Some tips and hints on how to take this course.

  • Video – Welcome & Tips
  • PDF – Tips and Hints for this Aguahara Course

Surface Movements with Pillow/Cushion
27 movements and techniques. For some movements we need both hands, so we cannot provide headsupport. Therefor we can use a pillow/cushion as a head float.

Surface Movements with Head Support
44 surface movements and techniques. Mothering, Head in Ellbow Family, Cristal Ball and many more.

Underwater Movements and Techniques
95 underwater movements and techniques. Level 2 and 3.

Theory Aguahara Level 1,2 & 3
Basics. Physical Aspects. The Session. Respiration. Mental Aspects. Energetic Aspects. The Dance. Advanced Sessions. Case Studies.

Useful Working Sheets and Information (pdf)
A list with all the 163 movements and techniques shown in the videos. A documentation sheet for your sessions. A list with contraindications. An agreement sheet for your client. Information for your client. An Intervision Sheet. Ethic Guidelines.